Ministry Services of the Church of God in Eastern Canada


Leadership Development Team

Mandate/Responsibilities: Plan & Promote to the churches programs to support strengthening leadership of children, adults, youth and pastors. Includes the SHAPE & SHARE programs. Provide oversight of the Youth program.
Developing, Recruiting, Equipping and Coordinating Leadership Ministries to Resource the Local Congregation
• Plan opportunities for congregational leadership training and development.
• Plan opportunities for pastoral/church staff leadership training and development.
• Network information for continuing education (e.g. seminars, conferences, classes).
• Provide resources and events for the purpose of supporting and connecting leaders to one another for accountability, support and growth (i.e. Shape, regional support groups).
• Provide leadership training through family camp and conference ministries
• Serving in an oversight role for the COGEC Youth & Young Adults programs
• Working in cooperation with other Teams and Committees in the COGEC as opportunities arise
• Working together with the P2P (Plan to Protect) Co-ordinator in the COGEC

Team Leaders:

Congregational Strengthening Team

Mandate: Coordinate & promote to the churches programs to support the needs of the churches to grow and be effective in their communities.
• Promoting the Health of Congregations
• Provide resources to assist in congregational health; thereby assisting each congregation in reaching its maximum potential in Christ.
• Provide resources for ministry to family, youth, children, men, women and seniors.
• Provide resources/consultation in redeveloping existing congregations.
• Train and equip congregational leadership to restart lapsed congregations.

Team Leader: Frank Struth

International Missions Team

Mandate/Responsibilities: To promote, inform, and recommend support of mission`s projects and programs (home & foreign).
Mission Statement
Endeavour to share the message and life of Christ cross-culturally, nationally and
internationally, making disciples and assisting wherever, whenever and however possible as mandated (Matt. 28:19-20).
The purpose of the International Mission Team is to carry forward the missionary work of the Assembly nationally and internationally, and when appropriate, share in various ministry projects of the Church of God in Western Canada as well as those of the Church of God Ministries in Anderson, Indiana. This may include:
• assist overseas missionaries and other missionary enterprises
• support relief efforts for the churches in various disasters that occur
• recommend and encourage in churches and individuals participation in mission projects
• communicate mission opportunities and ideas (mission trips, local work camps, seminars, sponsorships, etc.)

Team Leader: Julie Wiebe

Credentials and Church Relations Committee

Mandate/Responsibilities: To implement the policies and procedures of the Credentials Manual with regard to:
• Recognition of Ministers:
o Commissioning , Licensing & Ordination
o Annual review of all ministers on the approved List
o Five Year Review with ordained ministers
• Recognition of Ministry Groups/Congregations within the General Assembly of the Church of God in Eastern Canada
o Approval process for new Ministry Groups/Congregations
o Annual Review/Approved List re Ministry Groups/Congregations
• Facilitate Wellness, Conflict Resolution and Restoration among Ministers and Ministry Groups/Congregations.
• CCRC Team Development
• Administration/Record Keeping

Committee Chairperson: Rev Roger Bitner

Finance Administration Committee

Committee Members:
Stanley Desjardine (chair)
Art Krueger
Judy Vincent
Ken Wiebe (secretary)